In February of 2016 I completed the manuscript for my memoir, The Priests. Just a month earlier, my diagnosed complex PTSD had gotten the better of me and I needed a new focus for my restless mind!

Part of my long-term therapy is to think about the general issues arising from my personal experience, to provide context around my own story and make a contribution to the better protection of children and young people in the future. My interest was quickly sparked in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.I have made a submission to the Commission. I will continue to think and write about the Commission on this blog.

I will also write on other topics, such as mental health care for the survivors of child sexual abuse and developing policy, such as the recently announced scheme to compensate victims of child sexual abuse. And, as it is just too interesting to resist, I will write about the Catholic Church and its response to the grave problem of child sexual abuse. Readers shouldn’t expect a tabloid-style hatchet job! I retain respect for the Church. I aim to provide informative comment, by being be as fair and objective as I can.

All in all, I hope this blog will provide insights that may be found useful! I look forward to comments that readers may have, and to answering questions as best I am able!

Praise for THE PRIESTS

‘James Miller’s confronting and compelling memoir is honest, courageous and written with poignant clarity. It portrays the impacts of sexual abuse and accompanying compounded betrayals on James’ relationships,
his once stellar career and the very core of his being … and his primal struggle to tell.’
Dr. Cathy Kezelman AM President, Blue Knot Foundation (formerly known as ASCA, Adult Surviving Child Abuse)

‘James Miller has written an incredibly lucid and powerful book… People need to hear from survivors like Mr Miller to understand how profoundly powerful institutions like the Catholic Church failed so many children for so long, and failed them again when they sought help as adults.
Joanne McCarthy, Senior journalist, Newcastle Newspapers, Fairfax News 

 'I'd be grateful if someone could pass on to James Miller how very impressed I was by The Priests. A terrific book.'
David Marr


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